The Wooden Relic is a place that I can share my paintings, limited edition prints, furniture & other projects to those interested in original art. I’ve been working as an artist for over 25 years in both the visual arts as well as the performance arts where i’ve been a member of the platinum selling band Chevelle. In over 15 years of touring Ive found that painting in-between working as a musician gave me the freedom to visually explore certain subjects such as dreaming & subconscious thoughts. From an accumulation of hundreds of dreams I was able to paint certain reoccurring themes I found to be attached to my many basic human emotions. I began painting in watercolors when i was eleven & moved on to oils at the age of 15, during this time I learned that I enjoyed the art of composing metaphorical compositions to draw the viewer in a search for a deeper meaning, one we may all share.Over time & after reviewing my many dreamstates, my work slowly changed to deal with darker themes such as loss, life, discourse & restraint. In using gold to symbolize purity of soul, skeletons for mortality & anything from UFO’s to ancient structures for metaphor, depth & geometry, I try to tell a story in color & in symbolism.

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